Your dog will have a BLAST with us! - Clickers and Collars
We Have Relocated to Ft Worth Texas!!  We'll Miss Everyone We've Come to Know in Charlotte, NC....
We provide anytime, all-the-time assistance with your dog by offering:
  • Family-friendly dog training techniques
  • Daycare and boarding in a "house & backyard" environment
  • Economy-conscious pricing
  • Flexibility to handle oddball requests
  • A complete lack of "big franchise" policies and procedures
                                                     Angela from BB&T and Manny...                                                    
A REAL testimonial...
Chip and Darla Moore - Charlotte
"Scott has been a real blessing to our family.  Last summer he worked with our Rottweiler, Tasha who had just turned 6 years in age.  Tasha was very protective of us on walks and through Scott's guidance and teaching she is better behaved now than ever. 
Scott and Jeanette also petsit for us when we go out of town.  This has been very convenient in that we don't have to drop Tasha at the kennels.  She likes it better and we don't have the guilt of her being in a cage.  Our cat Mel was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer and Jeanette is one of the few people who can get his pill and liquid medicine in him daily. 
Most people will draw the line in having to shove their finger down a cats' mouth, but we are very thankful to have them here to care for our pets and house, including plants, while we travel.  We trust them and highly recommend Scott for dog training and pet sitting."