Your dog will have a BLAST with us! - Clickers and Collars


A Diff'rent Kinda Training!!!

Simplicity - Do you go to work everyday? Take classes? Manage a household? Then you may find it extremely difficult to find time everyday to practice a typical lengthy dog training program.

We’ve streamlined the process to just FOUR lessons using our unique approach. You won’t have to make sure you have time everyday to practice up to 8, 10, 12 or more obedience commands!


Effectiveness - Many of the greatest techniques to resolve dog issues have just come about in the past few years. For example, clicker training has always been known to be great for teaching tricks and basic obedience commands, but methods have recently evolved that can gently ease away all kinds of aggression and "out-of-controlness"

Value - Our methods begin transforming your dog in much fewer visits with much less work than traditional training programs. And when the visits are completed, we’ll…

  • continue to always be available to answer any questions,

  • offer unlimited FREE follow-up visits - you’ll never be left alone!

  • and provide you with our dog watching services (exclusive to only our clients). 

All this for the entire life of your dog!