Your dog will have a BLAST with us! - Clickers and Collars

A Diff'rent Kinda Training!!!

Simplicity - Do you go to work everyday? Take classes? Manage a household? Then you may find it extremely difficult to find time everyday to practice a typical lengthy dog training program.

We’ve streamlined the process to just FOUR lessons using our unique approach. You won’t have to make sure you have time everyday to practice up to 8, 10, 12 or more obedience commands!

Effectiveness - We focus on creating impulse control to help your dog become much more manageable not because we forced him to but because he WANTS TO! Soon he'll be acting appropriately, even when you’re not around to tell him to do so!

Affordability - We're not trying to be the cheapest company but the reality is we CAN get results in fewer visits than traditional dog training programs...this is why we can offer our 4-visit program including open-ended, unlimited lifetime support for just $200!!

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